day 1: its so devo idk how I’ve let myself get like this tbh

okay so now that my 100happydays challenge is almost at an end, I’m gonna start my own 100 day challenge: the squat challenge

50 x4kg weighted squats for 100 days and I’m interested to see results!!

Day 96: buying these cute lil souvenirs

would not mind some sexy time rn 

day 95: starting the 37 hour journey to come home!!


mosaics are made from broken pieces but they’re still works of art and so are you

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i just want to sit on your lap and make out for like eight hours

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Palo Alto (director Gia Coppola)

I think this sequence perfectly captures the boredom a person feels, in their bedroom, where they don’t know what to do or where to go

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